Scratch Projects

Below is a list of some of our Scratch projects!

Vector World [DEMO]

Update Log (Old updates, new updates found at the Scratch website)

Loader Update: 2014-08-17 [13:03, 1:03 PM]

(+) Added loader! :D

(*) Optimized logo for turbo mode! :D

(*) Bugfixes

(-) Removed information about cloud data (lists & variables that appeared when you started the project now doesn't show anymore)

(-) Removed unnecessary scripts.

Missing update D:

Weather Update: 2014-08-14 [16:50, 4:50 PM]

(+) LOTS of changes to the weather! :D

(+) Rain is now affected by the wind! :D

(+) Lightning now strikes at the closests point to the cloud.

(+) Clouds can now become darker.

(*) Bugfixes

(-) Removed unnecessary scripts.

Interactive Update: 2014-08-11 [14:24, 2:24 PM]

(+)You can now pick up apples by clicking on them a few times! :D

(+) Longer tutorial

(+) New music

- New Day from "Open that chest!" by @shadowspear1

- Please rate it! :)

(*) Lightnings are now more unusual.

(*) Lightnings now only come from dark clouds.

(+) Pico now has an animated walking cycle.

(+) Pico now walks away after tutorial.

(*) Bugfixes.

(-) Removed radio.

Lightning Update: 2014-08-07 [14:41, 2:41 PM]

(+) Clouds can now create lightnings! :D

- Lightning texture made by @Buny1p :)

- There are right now 4 different textures.

- Lightnings spawn randomly when a cloud is raining.

(*) Bugfixes.

Tutorial Update: 2014-08-06 [19:18, 7:18 PM]

*Added tutorial

*Pico now detects if you've logged in before! :D

*Removed message about if you've logged in before or not.

*Reseted cloud data so everyone can try out the new tutorial.

Command Update: 2014-07-19 [15:42, 3:42 PM]


*Slightly changed rain speed.

*Reduced lag slightly.

*Added "developer mode" (Default set to ON for developers)

*Added 2 new commands.

*Commands now works slightly better.

Command Update: 2014-07-18 [16:23, 4:23 PM]

*Added 9 new commands, for list type "list:commands".

*Moved command script to sprite "Update".

- Press up arrow key to type cheat codes.

[NOTE: Only alpha developers can now access the cheat codes]

Update: 2014-07-18 [13:13, 1:13 PM]

*Added "radio"; now plays 2 different songs (more songs coming soon, please recommended songs)

*Bugfixes & Slightly improved performance

Bugfix Update: 2014-07-18 [12:17, 12:17 PM]

*Rain music now works better.

*Normal music now doesn't stop when it starts to rain.

*Clouds now rain again.

Music Update: 2014-07-16 [22:07, 10:07 PM]

*Added background music (Please rate it!)

*Added rain music (Currently not working)

Cloud Update: 2014-07-16 [15:14, 3:14 PM]

*Usernames with the symbol "0" and the symbol "_" will now also register.